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Wealth Management for
Medical Sales Professionals

Save Time, Get More Organized & Feel Confident

That Your Financial Future is Secure

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 Why Medical Sales Professionals?

We're passionate about serving Medical Sales Professionals . Why? We firmly believe you are working hard and making a lot of critical decisions. You're paying off student loans, building a career, growing a family, and planning for financial independence. Too often, medical sales professionals are busy growing their practices and put off taking a closer look at their finances. Unfortunately, losing the biggest advantages of time and compounding wealth. When you develop a plan early, you can leverage your wealth to live an exceptional life now and in the future.

What Makes Us Better

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Financial Coaching

We don't just invest money, we coach. Everyday, with every piece of advice we empower you to live wealthy. You are at the center of everything we do - always coaching you towards your real life goals.

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Visual Planning

Our unique visual financial planning is the starting point on your roadmap to reaching your goals. Our technology makes planning a breeze, and it will organize all your financial data on one page!

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Fiduciary Advisors

We are fiduciaries. As fiduciaries we are legally bound to place your interests ahead of ours at all times. We only recommend planning and investment strategies that are in your best interest.

Helping Medical Sales Pros Thrive

As a medical sales professional you know your finances are complex. You can find lots of information about financial planning and investing. However, medical sales professionals have a unique financial planning considerations that generic financial planning firms don't address. It is rare to find a financial professional who really knows the ins and outs of medical sales pros benefits and concerns. Rarer still to find one who actually does comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

Lexington Wealth Management is unique. We assist medical device and pharmaceutical sales professionals who have worked hard and sacrificed for themselves and their families. Now let us help you maximize your hard earned wealth for what you love most.

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Helping Select Medical Sales Pros Live Out Their Life Aspirations

David Dedman, ChFC®, AIF® Photo

David Dedman, ChFC®, AIF®

Founder & President

I'm David Dedman, Chartered Financial Consultant and Wealth Manager with more than 30 years of experience aligning my clients life goals with their finances.

At Lexington Wealth Management, I'm passionate about helping medical sales professionals reduce taxes, invest smarter and retire on their terms.

As a medical sales professional you have an opportunity for long-lasting financial health, but that depends on using the right strategies as early as possible. I'm dedicated to helping you do just that, with my three beliefs. I believe in creating a financial plan that will be the blueprint for every financial decision you make. I believe in coaching you everyday, with every piece of advice. As a fiduciary, I believe in placing your interests first at all times. 

When I'm not perfecting financial plans, you can find me spending time with my family, indulging in asian cuisine, or cheering on my Kentucky Wildcats.

Some fun facts about me...

  • I served in Iceland and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the Navy
  • I was accepted into art school
  • I collect world currency
  • I’m a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan
  • My two best friends are labrador retrievers, Daisy and Lucy
  • I have an obsession with ice cream
  • Favorite date night is a fire pit in the back yard with my wife
  • I love cruises with my family


Let's Start Investing in the Life You Want

Our Offerings at Lexington Wealth Management

The solutions we provide are designed to lead you to a successful life. Whether you're preparing for your next chapter or you have a few decades to go, we will develop a personalized plan that addressed the goals and helps you realize them.

Our Capabilities

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Income Planning

Risk Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Estate and Trust Planning

Education Planning

Gift Planning

Tax Planning

Workplace Benefits Planning

A Better Way to Make Financial Decisions

Our visual financial planning will allow you to see your entire financial picture on one page. With our mind map-like diagramming you’ll have clarity like never before, and the result - better decision making about your future.

Our Simple But Powerful Process

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This is where we get to know you, your goals and your finances. Our tool is called the Discovery Interview, it allows us to collect the data and find out what’s on your mind.

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Once we learn about your unique situation, we create a visual financial plan. Reviewing it together, allows us to find opportunities and identify areas that need immediate attention.

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Your goals and the visual plan will lay out the course of action. It will allow us to select strategies, resolve problems, and ultimately help you reach financial independence.

Start Planning

Your Financial Strategy Should Reflect Your Goals

Our version of financial planning includes working closely with you to get to know the details of your situation and the goals you have in mind. With a purposeful wealth plan, you have a path to the life you envision.

Customizing Your Portfolio

Whichever areas you need or prefer to focus on in your account, we’ll tailor your portfolio accordingly


Income Focus

Protection Strategies

Tax Minimization

Custom ETF/Mutual Fund Models

Life Changes and Transitions

401(K) Allocation Advice

Socially Responsible Investing

Fully Transparent Pricing

Our fees are easy to understand, straight forward, and some of the lowest for the industry average.

Lexington Wealth Management is a fee-only firm. We only receive compensation from the fees paid directly to us by our clients. This means that we receive no compensation from referral arrangements, commissions, fund sales load or other sales-related compensation. As fiduciaries, we serve you with your best interests in mind.

Wealth Management

Designed for medical sales execs with more complex planning

Cash flow analysis 
Debt payoff plan
Risk management
Retirement strategy
Investment management
College savings
Workplace benefit planning
Tax planning
Tax-advantaged investing
Equity compensation planning
Salary review and recommendations

Semi annual review meetings
+check ins as needed

Financial Planning included at no charge +
$350,000 - $1m       1%
$1m - $3m           0.75%
$3m and over    0.50%

Wealth Builder

Designed for medical sales execs with under $350k in AUM

Cash flow analysis
Debt payoff plan
Risk management
Retirement strategy
Investment management
College savings
Workplace benefit planning
Tax planning
Tax-advantaged investing
Equity compensation planning
Salary review and recommendations

One annual review meeting
+check ins as needed

$500 Initial planning fee
Starting at $150 per month
+0.50% AUM

WealthVest - If Wealth Builder or Wealth Management are not a good fit, but we both agree working together makes sense, we offer an investment-only relationship. Fee is 0.50%.

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