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Wealth Simplified

Because Life's Complicated Enough


 Wealth Management Simplified

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients through comprehensive wealth management and education. We design tailored strategies for medical device and pharmaceutical sales professionals so they can reduce taxes, invest smarter and optimize their income. Our ultimate goal is to make complex money matters a little less confusing and stressful. Life's complicated enough, so your money shouldn't be.

What Makes Us Better

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Financial Coaching

We don't just invest money, we coach. Everyday, with every piece of advice we empower you to live wealthy. You are at the center of everything we do - always coaching you towards your real life goals.

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Visual Planning

We're serious about your success. Our unique visual financial planning is the starting point on your roadmap to reaching your goals. No 100 page plans here! Just one or two pages that are clear and to the point.

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Fiduciary Advisors

We are fiduciaries. As fiduciaries we are legally bound to place your interests ahead of ours at all times. We only recommend planning and investment strategies that are in your best interest.

Wealth Management for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals 

We understand how spending time on areas outside your sales work often gets neglected, including wealth management. Consider these questions:

Are you focused on hitting sales goals at the expense of your own finances?

Do you struggle with your variable compensation, benefits & stock options?

Do you wish your financial life was simpler, your taxes lower, and that your investments and 401(k) work just as hard as you do?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, we can help. We will get you organized, educated and inspired to become financially independent.

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David Dedman, ChFC®, AIF®, AAMS, AWMA Photo

David Dedman, ChFC®, AIF®, AAMS, AWMA

Founder & President

So, who is David Dedman and how can he help me?

I learned early in life how money, or the lack thereof, affects everyone. It has also made me aware that the advice I give to clients each and every day has a huge impact on their futures. Below are a few experiences that have led me to become a financial advisor helping my clients reduce taxes, invest smarter and plan for the future. 

When I was in high school my Dad was laid off from his job. So he decided to take a job as a long distance truck driver. The money was not great, and I watched my mom struggle to pay the bills and provide necessities for me and my younger brother. My mom was under extreme pressure, she had no one to turn to for advice. I watched my mom agonize as the bills piled up, and we worried about losing our home. Eventually she had to accept a loan from a coworker. It was a humiliating event for her.

My second money lesson was when my grandfather passed away. My grandfather lived alone for a few years, after the passing of my grandmother, until he was diagnosed with dementia. After spending all of his money on nursing home care, he had less than a thousand dollars the day he died. He didn't even have a small life insurance policy to bury him. I was devastated when my mother told me this. 

Wow, money does have an impact!

I learned a lot about money while I was young. Some of these lessons were pretty painful to go through. These experiences also led me to a fascination with money and how to grow it and protect it. So in 1993 I became a financial advisor! I love this business and giving advice to help people avoid some of the mistakes I've experienced. No one needs to go through the kind of stress my mom had to endure.

In case you're wondering...

I’m the founder of Lexington Wealth Management here in Lexington, KY. and I have all the resources I could possible need. I am a Charted Financial Consultant (ChFC), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF), Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA). These highly respected designations give me credibility, but the experiences above give me empathy and judgment to improve the lives of others.  

Some fun facts about me...

  • I served in Iceland and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the Navy
  • I was accepted into art school
  • I collect world currency
  • I’m a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan
  • My two best friends are labrador retrievers, Daisy and Lucy
  • I have an obsession with ice cream
  • Favorite date night is a fire pit in the back yard with my wife
  • I love cruises with my family



If you have experienced...

  • Being ignored by a financial advisor
  • Not able to meet asset minimums for investments
  • Being sold high commission products

Here's What You Can Expect From Us

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We stay in contact with calls, meetings and email updates, so you know how you are progressing toward financial independence.

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We believe that no matter the size of your portfolio, you deserve high quality planning and advice.

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We avoid commission products and implement strategies that are in your best interest for a flat fee.

Wealth Management Services We Offer Include:

  • Retirement Planning
  • house iconEstate Planning
  • paper iconInvestment Management
  • money iconCash Flow Planning
  • user iconInsurance Planning
  • book iconEducation Funding
  • briefcase iconWorkplace Benefits Planning
  • cions icon Financial Goal Planning

Three relationships to help you work toward your dreams.

Wealth Builder

For aspiring professionals and growing families with less than $350k in AUM.

  • A comprehensive financial plan addressing the basics like emergency fund needs,  life and disability insurance, and estate planning. In
    addition to the basics the plan also addresses college planning, retirement planning and more depending on your needs.
  • An annual meeting to ensure you are on track.
  • Portfolio management by LWM. 
  • Asset Allocation recommendations for employer-sponsored retirement plans (401(k), 403(B) and 529s).
  • Ongoing consultation through the year via phone, video conference or email.

    Fee Schedule: $500 initial planning fee, then a $150-$300 monthly fee plus 0.50% Assets Under Management, if desired.

Wealth Management

For those with dynamic life, family and financial needs and over $350k in AUM. 

  • A comprehensive financial plan addressing investing, insurance, tax planning, college funding, retirement planning, charitable donations and more depending on your needs.
  • A minimum of two meetings a year with additional meetings included when needed.
  • Portfolio management by LWM. 
  • Asset Allocation recommendations for employer-sponsored retirement plans (401(k), 403(B) and 529s).
  • Ongoing consultation through the year via phone, video conference or email.

    Fee Schedules Based on Assets Under Management: $350,000-$1,000,000 at 1%  •  $1,000,000-$3,000,000 0.75%  •  $3m and over 0.50%

Wealth Vest

If Wealth Builder or Wealth Management are not a good fit, but we both agree working together makes sense, we offer an investment-only relationship. But this differs from a traditional "do it yourself " relationship.

Portfolio management is the same as Wealth Builder, but there is no planning relationship.

We want you to succeed and still help, with the goal of seeing you join us with Wealth Builder or Wealth Management in the future. We will provide a weekly newsletter, one meeting per year and ongoing consultation through the year via phone, video conference or email.

Fee Schedule:  0.50% Assets Under Management

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A Better Way to Make Financial Decisions

Our visual financial planning will allow you to see your entire financial picture on one page. With our mind map-like diagramming you’ll have clarity like never before, and the result - better decision making about your future.

Our Simple But Powerful Process

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This is where we get to know you, your goals and your finances. Our tool is called the Discovery Interview, it allows us to collect the data and find out what’s on your mind.

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Once we learn about your unique situation, we create a visual financial plan. Reviewing it together, allows us to find opportunities and identify areas that need immediate attention.

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Your goals and the visual plan will lay out the course of action. It will allow us to select strategies, resolve problems, and ultimately help you reach financial independence.

Start Planning


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Ready to Begin?

Lexington Wealth Management can help you consolidate, organize and understand your current investments. We can help you better understand your strategy and financial goals.

Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to speaking with you. Use the submission form below to learn more about our services.